Hello or Hej!

I am an undergrad at the University of Michigan working on my BFA at the Penny W Stamps School of Art & Design.  My academic and personal goals have led me to the field of Design.  My passion is my intrigue with how we interact with objects and experience environments.  Exploring different concepts and methods allow for the opportunity to develop novel ideas and new perspectives.  I love to observe and question human behavior, because these actions of today develop our habits of tomorrow.  Through my work, I hope to improve the world we inhabit by better utilizing the tools and materials around us. For 7 weeks I will be studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark learning about Urban Design at The Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS).  During this time I plan on acquiring a deeper understanding of Nordic design principles and their global impact.  I expect to learn more about how people interact within communities and how the use of space influences human life interaction and vice versa.  This international experience will ready me to implement socially and environmentally conscious user design which is commonplace in the Danish & Scandinavian landscape. I will share a weekly post highlighting my growth & experiences.  I hope you can find the time to check in now and then to share in this new journey & experience of personal, professional, & educational growth. Wes.


2 thoughts on “ABOUT / CIRKA

  1. Looking forward to seeing and experiencing your journey through your eyes. Embrace all that there is to offer and share if you can. So refreshing to read a blog from this design point of view!


  2. The time soon comes to a close and it has been an awesome journey thus far, as you shared with us, your Summer Semester experience in Copenhagen Denmark via this blog. Thank you for that Wes. We look forward to more.


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