What is a city without culture? what is culture without the influence of art?  I could show you images of traditional Danish sculptures & paintings – but times have evolved.  GRAFFITI is one aspect of art that a majority of Danes have grown to appreciate.  Let me be clear – there is a big difference between graffiti and ‘tagging’.  Also, for context, I will include some traditional public sculptures & murals that caught my attention in the same manner as the modern & recent works.

Public Sculpture
Public Sculpture

IMG_2216 IMG_2214

Was this work for the people or for royalty?
Was this work for the people or for royalty?
How often do we walk past the art?
How often do we walk past the art?


How does one interact with a public sculpture so large & placed on a pedestal
How does one interact with a public sculpture so large & placed on a pedestal



Even beautiful, traditional, architecture can add to the semblance of a sanitized & sterile city through repetition – however, a bit of pop & color (done in good fashion) can add character or charm to a neighborhood; hell, it might even increase visitors to local businesses.

Public art mixed with branding and signage
Public art mixed with branding and signage


Another blank canvas
Another blank canvas

IMG_2032 IMG_1907 IMG_1877 IMG_1839


If you look at the landscape there are medieval facades, structures & buildings alongside modern day architecture.  You have historical art in museums & outdoor sculptures standing bold with patina.  Then there are the galleries that have a mixture of old art techniques & new school applications.  Just because the modern day artist may pick up an acrylic spray can versus acrylic paint shouldn’t lessen the quality of the art, in my opinion (plus, have you tried to control those cans? damn near impossible without the right tools and understanding).  There are reference sketches these artists use and well planned methods to execute blending, shading, etc.  What I appreciate about graffiti is how it is public art (accessible to all) and not locked away behind doors after 7pm.

IMG_1855 IMG_1845 IMG_1843 IMG_1898 IMG_1893 IMG_1892 IMG_2006 IMG_2085 IMG_2094 IMG_2142 IMG_1931IMG_2088


I attended a graffiti competition (16 July 2015) called “Spray Off”.  at least 16 local artists completed murals & the area is plastered with past work.  There was even an area set up for children & other youth to try their hand at the art form.  Around the city there is plenty of construction taking place & these sites are enclosed by tall green facades.  As a result of the inconvenience (mostly the visual blight) the city has arranged a program where people can submit a request to make a work of art on these boards & the city also supplies the paint & materials.  This is an interesting balance to try to ‘cover up’ the ugliness of construction.


Finished work
Finished work

IMG_2255 IMG_2261 IMG_2264 IMG_2242 IMG_2279 IMG_2293 IMG_2248 IMG_2286 IMG_2239 IMG_2237 IMG_2236IMG_2210IMG_2092IMG_2087


When done correctly, graffiti creates and contributes – not destroys or takes away from a culture or society.  I appreciate the Danes who have pushed against the antiquated understandings and perceptions of what is classified as art and encourage these pops of color through visual stimulation to the dormant areas of our psyche.




4 thoughts on “WEEK FIVE / UGE FIVE

  1. I can’t get enough of all of your observations. To think what an impact intelligent design has on people, and most don’t even notice or aknowledge it. Thanks for bringing attention to all these places and design elements.

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  2. Its funny, I took my children on a scavenger hunt to spot Art and Grafitti in our loal town, we discussed what they would condisder art and beautiful creations. It is always interesting to observe how children interpret art in all its forms . Street Art as they refer to it over here in the UK is currently wildly popular and plays a huge part in fashion and culture. Art is all aroud us, there is no escaping it, whether we chose to engage with is nother thing. Your posts are thpught provoking and inspiring…..and now I am inspired to actively blog again.

    Side Note- The favorite place I love to see Grafitti is on trains and abandoned buildings……..I look forward to the next installment.


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